Immersive AR/VR experience
Visit Marie Agnes in the comfort of your home, using immersive technologies like AR and VR!

VR/AR experience

If you're luck enough to have HTC Vive or any other tethered VR headset connected to your PC, feel free to download the Marie-Agnes VR experience! Use your controllers to actually pull yourself through the tight squeezes and feel, what cave and mine diving feels like!

Download link (.EXE file)

Launch AR Experience!

Want to see the mine in your room? Try Augmented Reality!

AR lets you place a 3d model in the physical space, using your smartphone. It's a bit as if you had a scaled Marie Agnes' model placed on your desk. Only better, because you can go through the walls. In order to try it out, just scan the QR code below. Works on all iPhone and iPads. Supported Android devices are listed here.

Scan the code with your phone and launch AR experience!

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If you're interested in collaboration on upcoming photogrammetry survey projects or know of an interesting place worth scanning - drop us a line!
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