Survey team
A phorogrammetry survey of zinc, lead and silver mine located in Bystrzyca, Lower Silesia, Poland

People behind the Marie Agnes Project

The Marie-Agnes Project would not take place if not for a cooperation of some really passionate divers, willing to do something that has never been done before. See who's behind it!

Marcin Stempniewicz | Ar-range

Role: Data colletion (survey dives), 3d reconstruction, animation, AR/VR development, website development, copywriting.

3d guy by profession, cave diver by passion. I love the feeling of seclusion and isolation when solo cave diving, yet at the same time I always felt so tempted to share those experiences with the loved ones.  Working with 3d content and cool tech like AR and VR on a daily basis made it easier for me to understand and overcome at least some of the basic challanges of underwater photogrammetry.  Unlikely wreck 3d scanning, underwater cave scanning is a huge unknown - things like gear setup, reconstrucion workflow, even the way we publish the reconstructed model - it’s all subject of trials and errors. Having said that, it’s a bit like cave exploration itself. I don’t know what’s behind the corner, but won’t rest until I find out.


Natalia Stempniewicz | Ar-range

Role: taking care of projects logistics

Enterpreneur and acupuncture enthusiast. Natalia is my partner both in business and private life. She has a unique gift of making every venture go smoothly and without unnecassary surprises. Natalia lovels open, warm blue waters and wreck diving


Mariusz Milka | Seamagination

Role: Photogrammetry technical advisor, project mentor

He’s the one who taught me everything I know about underwater photogrammetry. Without his continuous support, this project would never take off. Mariusz has been working in the areas of photogrammetry, photography, education and digital humanities for many years. He is also a diving instructor. He undertakes innovative projects and always looks for new challenges.
In case you'd like to know more about photogrammetry (drone or underwater), reach out directly to Mariusz - his online courses are awesome.

Photogrammetry courses

Bartosz Przybylski | Ar-range

Role: VRirtual Reality advisor, Unreal Engine developer

Bartosz is a one man army when it comes to anything related to immersive technology. He's not only a creative 3d artist, but also a skilled Unreal Engine developer. The fact that those of you who have headsets can visit Marie Agnes in VR is entirely his doing.

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If you're interested in collaboration on upcoming photogrammetry survey projects or know of an interesting place worth scanning - drop us a line!
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